Toppers scheme concerns

THE Education Ministry will not release the number of students who originally hail from the province of Macuata and are part of the National Toppers Scheme.

Speaking at the Macuata Provincial Council meeting yesterday, Northern Division senior education officer Iliseva Volai said the ministry did not have the list of names of students who had blood ties to the province.

Cikobia district representative Waqa Camaicolo had asked the council of the number of students within the province that were part of the scheme, adding it was important for the council to know such information.

Mr Camaicolo said the council would then get a good glimpse of how many of the province’s students were up to par with education standards in the country.

He said this would then paint a picture of the future for the council.

“We want to know how many students within the province are part of the Tertiary Education Loan Scheme because I had asked a student at home and he said by the time he finished his education, he will have to repay $13,000,” he said.

“Now, where does education for the betterment of families come in when a student has to focus on the repayment of their loans first.

“We need this information to know first-hand how much our students are going to pay back.”

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