Top prizemoney for snooker clash

THE North West Snooker Association Doubles Snooker Championship next week will be different with lucrative prizemoney on offer to the player recording the highest break.

The association hosted its Classic Championship last month, where David Reddy recorded a highest break of 44 points.

$2 per point will be paid out for a highest break of 50 or more points while $1 per point will be paid out if it is over 40 points.

The winning team will receive $300 while the runner-up will get $200. The losing semi-finalists will receive $100 each.

The association’s president Suresh Chauhan said strict dress code would apply.

Chauhan said players from Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba and Tavua were expected to participate.

“The names of all the A Grade players will be put into one hat while the other names will go into another hat,” he said.

“The teams will be drawn randomly from each hat, so an A Grade player will combine with an unranked player. This way there could be players from different clubs forming a team.

“This format hasn’t been played for a while.”

The draws will be done at the Lautoka Club next Wednesday.

The championship will be held at the Nadi Sports Club and Nadi Club on February 27.

Some of the top players expected to participate in the championship are: (Sigatoka Club) Rocky Ali, Ronald Singh; (Nadi Club) Dan Saturu, Rajesh Bala; (Nadi Sports Club) Rimal Narayan, Mahend Deo, John Chung, David Reddy; (Lautoka Club) Philip Gock, Vinesh Prasad, Tony Cen, Ajesh Chand; (South Seas Club Raj) Suresh Mani, Suresh Chand; (Simla Club) Epeli Bua, Raymond Reddy, Simon Reddy, Nilesh Chand, Rajnesh Nand; (Ba Central Club) Ali Boy, Ismail Wali, Ravi Narayan; (Tavua Club) Kritesh Rathod, Ajay Kumar, Hermant Kumar, Shalen Raju.

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