Top official monitors referees

REFEREES officiating in this week’s Oceanic Volleyball Championship in Suva will be monitored and assessed by Asian Referee Community secretary Dean Turner.

Turner, a referee delegate from Australia, said he would also be the contact for the teams in terms of clarifying issues on rules or how a game was officiated by the referees.

“For New Zealand and Australia, the two referees who are here are international referees. They have international referee badges, but the rest are from the Oceania and my job is to try and get them up to that level,” Turner said.

He said there would be some critical areas that would be assessed for each of the referees.

“Criteria is around game management, how they interact with the players, how they control the match, their knowledge of the rules and their presentations.”

He hopes to nominate two referees from the region to attend a course next year to become an international referee.

“After December I will find out where the other courses are and so for the two referees, we will talk to them and ask them what courses they want to attend.”

He said the courses would happen in different regions and parts of the world.

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