Top help for Team Fiji athletes

FORMER national hockey and netball player Laijipa Naulivou and Krishneel Maharaj facilitated at the Team Fiji high performance workshop at the Holiday Inn on Sunday.

Naulivou spoke on mental preparation and goal setting and how important it was for an athlete to prepare before they head to the field.

“There are outcome-based goals which is your dream goal and there are performance goal which are the small goals you need to achieve on your way to meeting your outcome goal,” she said.

“Performance goal can be focused in an area of your game that you need to improve example tactical or technical.

“They can also be a physical goal which is fitness and nutrition and there is psychological which is concentration and coping.

“If you want to keep improving and to recognise how far you’ve come, you must evaluate your goals after practice or on a fortnightly basis or every month.

“If you hear critics accept it and work on it because it helps you improve on your weak areas.

Understand your commitment especially to your sport.

“Know your skills because the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

Naulivou reminded the athletes about the mental side of performance and why it matters.

“Building an athlete confidence and mental toughness is a big challenge for coaches,” she said.

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