Top awards for cousins

Cousins, Viniana (left) and Sakenasa Turagaluvu with their dux prizes for the Wainimakutu Primary and Secondary schools annual prize giving in Namosi on Tuesday. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

IT was a double scoop for cousins Sakenasa and Viniana Turagaluvu after they took out the dux awards for the primary and secondary school annual prize-giving at Wainimakutu in Namosi.

Sakenasa is a Year 13 student of Wainimakutu Secondary while Viniana is a Year 8 student of Wainimakutu Village School.

The duo took out prizes for best leadership awards and various prizes for topping their classes in each of their subjects.

“I feel happy about my results and it’s all thanks to our parents for their guidance and support,” said Sakenasa.

His shy cousin shared the same sentiments.

Sakenasa hopes to pursue studies in engineering after high school while Viniana looks forward to starting her secondary education at Adi Cakobau School (ACS).

Viniana’s father, Timoci Turagaluvu, who teaches at Wainimakutu Village School, said he wasn’t surprised at his daughter’s results as she continued to score high marks from Year 2 to Year 8.

“The main challenge up here in Namosi is access to internet and mobile network. These children had to learn using their library and school books. It can be both a good thing and a bad thing but it has shown vast improvements in their school work.”

About 80 students were awarded at the school which educates children from four villages in the area. Even parents and school teachers were recognised for their work throughout the year.

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