Top award for crisis recovery program

Six Sigma Academy Pte Ltd director Sachin Singh. Picture: SUPPLIED

A PROGRAM developed by locally based Six Sigma Academy Ptd Ltd has been named as the 2020 top award for crisis recovery program.

The company was informed by the International board of Six Sigma Accreditations (IBSA) of its win.

Chief assessor for the awards program, Dave Holtan said it was tough decisions as many organisations from the globe were their members and all members submitted their new program that was effective and realistically developed.

Mr Holtan congratulated Six Sigma Academy’s director Sachin Singh who had worked hard in creating and developing effective programs, adding that the award would enable and motivate Mr Singh to continue to create new programs in this pandemic.

Mr Singh said every five years the IBSA runs competitions to vet the new training programs and this year since it had happened to be COVID-19 their training program had to be customised to reflect the content on how to come back from the crisis.

According to Mr Singh there were many submissions from other Six Sigma and process improvement training providers (2800) and they were the winners of the award. He said this was a first for Fiji to make its mark in a corporate global environment in lean six sigma.

“We created the COVID-19 crisis recovery program and was awarded as the top program from 2800 submissions. Generally, these awards are won from a developed country and it feels great that we are based in Fiji and even it’s a small nation we received this award. A good milestone for a firm based in Fiji achieving this in the global market,” he said.

Elaborating on the award-winning crisis recovery program Mr Singh said the program explored indepth enterprise-wide planning and deployment using a Six Sigma methodology by analysing an organisation at different perspective levels and assisting in making a paradigm shift to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

He explained that the course also explored organisational roadblocks and ways to manage them effectively, provides insights into well-structured methodologies and tools to implement process improvements or create new processes.

He added that various new ways of creating new products and services in the market are also discussed and trained upon using Six Sigma concepts.

“In Six Sigma we convert a crisis for opportunities. This course provides effective techniques to manage your organization and your projects during crises.

“This training program lets you into in-depth analysis of culture, infrastructure, people, process, leadership, communication, and technology.”

The program is suitable to managers, executive leaders, business leaders, heads of the units, or anyone looking to make a change in an organization or business.

Meanwhile Mr Singh said he was positive that Six Sigma’s recognition and win would spike some positivity in this recession and encourage organisations here locally to make a paradigm shift in investing and creating new products and services in the market.

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