Tonga set to host next PG

PORT MORESBY – Tonga is ready for the challenge of hosting the 2019 Pacific Games, says the secretary general of the Tongan National Olympic Committee, despite recent calls for the country to pull out of holding the event.

Takitoa Taumoepeau (TGA) dismissed the comments, saying there were some sections of the community that were against holding the games but preparations were going ahead as planned.

“Overall, we are working well with the Pacific Games Council and the Government,” Taumoepeau said.

In the last few days, there have been calls from the government and the country’s chamber of commerce to pull out of hosting the prestigious event.

Putting the controversy to one side, Taumoepeau said there were many things to consider when hosting the games but he was confident that Tonga would be able to pull off a successful games in four years’ time.

“One of the first things you have to be conscious of is the size of the games here,” said Taumoepeau, who was at Port Moresby 2015 as an observer.

“They have 28 sports in their games —— we only have 26. Secondly, the facilities at venues. I think at our games we are only having a couple of new projects where they’ve built new facilities, but the majority of it is renovations and upgrading of facilities. We will conduct the games within our means and with the resources we have at home.”

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