Toddler, 3, found dead, family grieves

THE family of a three-year-old boy is grieving at the loss of the toddler after he was found motionless in a pond at Tamavua Village yesterday morning.

Epeli Domokamica of Tacirua Village was to turn four in November and his distraught relatives still cannot believe the child has gone.

The young boy’s cousin Luisa Vonosere said the toddler went missing from their home after 8am yesterday.

When he did not return home, the boy’s mother informed neighbours, after which a search was conducted.

“My aunt and I went around the neighbourhood looking for him, but unfortunately there was no sign of him,” Ms Vonosere said.

“The last time we saw him he was playing outside with his cousins. We didn’t even know when he left the house because normally if he’s not home he’s at our neighbour’s house.”

She said a report was lodged at the Dokanaisuva Police Post in Tacirua around midday yesterday after they could not find Epeli.

“It took us about four hours until my aunt (Epeli’s mother) found him floating in a pond, which is about three kilometres away from our house.”

She described Epeli as a cheerful, caring, kind and a little boy with a big heart.

Epeli is the youngest of three children.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed officers were investigating the incident.

However, they would await the post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death.

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