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The Fiji Times & Herald in 1920. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Fiji Times & Herald in 1920. Picture: SUPPLIED

Monday, March 18, 1910

NEWS reached Suva on Thursday that the Honourable Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was dangerously ill at his home at Ra and the Government yacht, Ranadi left port at midnight on the same date to bring him to Suva. Ratu Joni was described as a member of the Legislative Council of Fiji and a staunch friend of British rule in the colony.

The number of half-castes living in the colony reached 6000 as per the 1910 census. The government was left at a quandary on what to do with their economic wellbeing and status after there was popular outcry on half-castes attending Suva public schools which was reserved for Europeans only.

Thursday, March, 18, 1920

A Fijian missionary, Reverend Mr Piper revealed that the native races of the Pacific were passing slowly but “surely off the stage”. He said 20 years from 1910, indigenous Fijians would be outnumbered by Indians and in 60 to a 100 years’ time, there would be a small India in the Pacific. “The islands of the Pacific could never be white men’s islands, but it was for us to see that Orientalism proceeded on the best lines,” he said.

AT the Police Court on Thursday, a Robert Pearce, an elderly Indian was charged with supplying liquor to a native. The case after lengthy evidence was dismissed.

TWO Fijians were charged one pound or one week each for being out after 7pm at the Police Court. An Oli was also charged with stealing six pence worth of potatoes from the property of Henry Marks and Co. Ltd. He was sentenced to 14 days in jail.

Tuesday, March 18, 1930

The Library

THE southern wing of the Library-Museum building in Suva was reported to have almost been finished. The building gave index to what it would look like when completed.

Men arrested

TWO men appeared before the Police Court to answer a charge of having acted in a disorderly manner in Marks St. The case was adjourned to enable Bari to call a witness to prove he was not the aggressor. Tobali, a packer at the Government Pharmacy, stated he was with Bari on the night in question near the YMCA when the defendant was arrested. Bari was fined 10 pounds and the case against Josevata the second accused was dismissed.

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