Today in history April 19, 1975

Easy-Visa Fijian taken into custody

A Fijian is in custody of immigration authorities in Sydney after he was found to be working in Australia more than seven months after the expiry of his tourist visa.

He is Eroni Bulivou, of Nadera, Nasinu, who went to Australia in February, 1974 under the easy-visa system. Earlier this week Mr S Baltino, of an Australian group known as the New Settlers federation, telephoned the Fiji Times and complained that Bulivou had been in custody for over three weeks.

He said Bulivou’s passport had been misplaced and claimed that Australian authorities had put pressure on Fiji’s High Commissioner to Australia to issue a new one, even though Bulivou said he did not want to apply for a replacement.

Back on job Order in Air Pacific row

About 300 Air Pacific unionists who were dismissed by the company on April 9 will begin returning to work today.

Their return stems from a ruling announced yesterday by the arbitrator in a disputer which followed the men’s dismissal. The company dismissed the men when they were about eight minutes late in reporting for duty at 4.05pm deadline on April 9.

In his awards, after two days of arbitration, Mr Ramanlal Kapadia, a Suva lawyer said the men “should be reinstated without delay”.

The Flotsam and Jetsam column ran this piece

Apparently the Fiji Times has suffered some criticism at the Fiji Tourism Convention because it has a “negative” attitude.

For several months the Fiji Chapter of the Pacific Area Travel Association has been giving awards — decided by two independent judges — to local people who have given service beyond the call of duty to tourists.

The procedure has been that local travel operators, and tourists themselves, nominate people they believe worthy of consideration for that extra bit of service or initiative.

Everybody concerned thought it would be a good plan if the April awards could be judged yesterday, and announced at the convention. So yesterday, as bidden, the two judges turned up at the Fiji Visitors Bureau expecting a mountain of nominations. Not so.

Cut-rate village power planned

Some villages and settlements near a government station with an electricity generator will be able to get power from it

Generators with power to spare would become public supplies where possible, the Prime Minister, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, said in Suva.

As generators were already in place, villagers who got power from them would pay only one-third of the capital cost of electricity extensions, plus wiring costs and meter charges. The Prime Minister said Lau phosphate deposits were not large enough to warrant a big processing factory.

Protection continues

Lautoka police were continuing to protect a Viseisei shopkeeper and his family but only at nights, a police spokesman said yesterday.

The police began a 24-hour a guard on Tuesday after villagers stoned Mr Kumar Lal’s shop, broke in and smashed windows. Their action came after they heard a report that a fellow villager was severely beaten at the shop on Tuesday.

The police spokesman said there seemed no danger during the day and therefore the daytime protection had ended. Police would continue to protect the store owner and his family until the weekend.

Tongan prospect for gold medal in Guam

Bula Tora, Fiji’s strong prospect for the decathlon event at the South Pacific Games in Guam in August may find Tongan Sanitesi Latu, his toughest rival. The Tongan Chronicle reported that Latu would run, which will give Tonga a chance at the gold medal.

The announcement followed a report that Latu had applied for permanent residence in Australia, and there had been doubts about his availability to represent Tonga at Guam. But in a letter to the Tonga Amateur Sports Association, Latu said he would be happy to wear Tonga’s colours.

Indian hockey training plan for Samabula

Samabula Hockey Club, which is going to India for a 10-match tour, will be creating sporting history on two counts.

It will be the first local hockey club to travel beyond New Zealand and the first overseas team to get free hockey coaching in India. The coaching sessions will be held in Patiala’s National Sports Club — a vast sports complex in northern India.

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