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Newspaper articles from 1914. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS

Newspaper articles from 1914. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS

Sunday, April 8, 1984

PM slams media

OPENING the National Council meeting at the Suva Civic Centre, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara said that in any country the mass media must provide the necessary public criticism to ensure the maintenance of integrity in public institutions. “Indeed if they adopt a balanced stance in dissemination of information, they could have positive part to play in national development,” he said. “But at times I have wondered whether they are fully alive to this vital responsibility.”

Radio message ‘not broadcast’

RADIO Fiji failed to broadcast a Fiji Sugar Corporation notice asking Rakiraki farmers stop harvesting cane because of a Penang Mill workers strike, arbitration proceedings in Rakiraki heard.FSC lawyer Barrie Sweetman told the arbitration that the notice was handed over for reasons best known to FBC it was not broadcasted as requested on the evening of October 24 the previous year.

Tuesday, April 8, 1986

Tension mounts over new chief

TENSION mounted among Vuna villagers in Taveuni over a dispute over the installation of a new Tui Vuna. Ratu Mikaele Vosota, 64, of the chiefly mataqali Vusaratu, was installed as the new Tui Vuna but a group from the same mataqali disputed this saying his father was a non Fijian and was not from Vuna.

Ka Levu backs Adi Lala

THE Ka Levu of Nadroga, Bulou Eta Vosailagi, says members of the Nakuruvakarua Company Ltd resisted moves to oust Adi Lady Mara as governing director of the company. The previous week, a member of the mataqali, Ratu Epi Volavola, filed a writ in the Supreme Court which claimed all cash within the trustee were not accounted for on behalf of the clan.

April 8, 1984

Flotsam and Jetsom

STAFF at a Lautoka meat shop chuckled over how a fellow worker who was sent to the Post Office to “stamp” 100 envelopes ended up licking 140 stamps. For instead of making use of a service of which five-cent and three-cent stamps are punched on the envelopes, he bought 100 of each stamp and began licking and putting them on. Staff erupted into laughter when finally struggled back after an hour, having given up after licking 140 stamps for fixing on 70 envelopes.

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