To build a nation, we need to find peace: Narube

Unity Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube. Picture: FT FILE

TO build a nation, we need to find peace. To find peace, we need to create unity.

To find unity, we must promote ethnic tolerance.

To build tolerance, we must first understand our fears and concerns.

To build true understanding, we must listen to our people. We must put people first. We cannot build a nation through fear and intimidation.

We cannot achieve unity by imposition of laws to force people together.

Tragically, Fiji has not learnt from the past where political leaders had divided us based on their own ideologies.

In my view, we are repeating our past mistakes.

The aim of this Government is to unite us through imposed laws without allowing the voices of the people to be heard freely.

The three coups, including the 2006 one, sit heavily on our shoulders and our children and their families will bear the burdens of these crises for a very long time.

Read more on Unity Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube’s contribution to our election issue on national unity in today’s (Monday, October 1, 2018) edition of The Fiji Times.

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