Title holders

MARIST Brothers High School (MBHS) and St Joseph’s Secondary School (SJSS) retained their titles in the Suva Zone Two athletics competition at the ANZ Stadium at Laucala Bay, Suva, yesterday.

MBHS won the boys division with 28 gold, 23 silver and 17 bronze medals.

SJSS won the girls division with 25 gold, 17 silver and 15 bronze medals.

Meanwhile, zone officials will meet tomorrow to look at the qualification times of athletes to compete in the Coca-Cola Games from April 19-21.

Zone secretary Asish Vinay Prasad said their respective school officials would meet and discuss the qualification of athletes for the games.

“We will meet on Friday at 3.30pm at Gospel High School to discuss the qualification times,” Prasad said.

“The athletes performed well and I am surprised with the standard of competition at the zone.

“It has gone up another level.”

SJSS PEMAC teacher Alice Crocker said the school had been preparing well for the Coca-Cola Games.

“There are 59 athletes in the squad,” Crocker said.

“We are taking one step at a time.

“The athletes are guided by Sisilia Seavula, Bola Tafo’ou and Banuve Tabakaucoro.”

Former Marist Brothers High School principal Beniamino Salacakau said they had lost some good athletes.

“We have lost a few of the athletes through scholarship to Australia and a potential gold medallist went to Lelean Memorial School.

“We knew we would be challenged,” he said.

The Coca-Cola Games will be held on April 19-21 at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

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