Timely Mother’s Day gift for nurse

A MOTHER from Navua received an early Mother’s Day gift yesterday from her husband, who took out a car loan with ANZ in order to give her a much-needed vehicle.

Ilisapeci Marama, of Navua didn’t believe ANZ officials when she was told that her husband’s car loan had been approved and she had to go collect the vehicle.

“My husband and I had been planning for a long time to get a car because we live right in Navua (about an hour-and-a-half drive from Suva) and the fact that we’ve just adopted a five-month-old baby, whose comfort we wanted to ensure. I didn’t even know my husband had already applied for it, I’m just overwhelmed.

“He wanted to do it as a surprise,” the 36-year-old nurse said.

She adds the car just came in time for Mother’s Day

Mrs Marama said she had to rush all the way from Navua to Suva with her baby to receive the car keys.

“My husband and I are civil servants and we travel daily to Suva for work. It has been a costly affair for both of us. This gesture from ANZ just makes it easier for customers like us. I am thankful to my husband who at this moment is overseas. I can’t wait to talk to him and thank him for the surprise.”

The bank is currently providing zero dollar loan deposit on new vehicles and 10 per cent loan deposits on used cars. The customer’s loan also enables the customer to go into the draw to win a new car at the end of their MEGA II promotional campaign when all entries close on August 31.

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