‘Tighten security’

Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Infrastructure and Transport, Parveen Bala Kumar during his visit at the Nausori Municipal Market on Wednesday, May 02, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure Parveen Kumar has directed Nausori Town Council to tighten security at the Nausori Municipal Market.The directive follows a second robbery in the market last Thursday. The first robbery
took place in December last year.

“Nausori Town Council will have to act and not just sit and listen to grievances. They are going to strengthen the security that we have,” said Mr Kumar.

He said the council would also bring in more security.

“At the moment, they have only two security so we will get in another two. The vendors are happy that we have increased security guards, but we also need to have CCTV cameras and we will definitely have them installed within a month or so here in the market.

“If Nausori Town Council is not doing their part, than it’s no use. They need to wake up and provide more and also strengthen the security.”

Mr Kumar has also urged those that may have information relating to the robbery to report the matter at the nearest police station.

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