Tick for budget

A PROPOSED budget of more than $162,000 was approved for the Fijian Methodist Fellowship in the United Kingdom for next year

Presenting the proposed budget at the recent annual meeting held on Friday night, March 30, newly-elected head steward Sefanaia Seru said the budget was a major increase from last year.

The members agreed to an increase of levy of $54 (£20) from the $27 (£$10) every month for each family.

With the increase in levies,it will include more than $40,000 to be collected from the North Circuit, more than $58,000 from the Southern Circuit and more than $4000 from the Northern Ireland circuit.

Also proposed income includes about $30,000 to be collected from the choir competition at the two-day competition this year’s Easter weekend.

Proposed expenses for next year include more than $20,000 to host next year’s conference and choir competition.

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