Thumbs up for Team Fiji in PNG

TEAM Fiji have given two thumbs up for the 2015 Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea and said the true spirit of the Games prevailed along with the Pacific way.

The 15th Pacific Games came end last night with a magical finale. An out of this world closing ceremony enough to rival the energetic opening.

The colours and sound of PNG filled the night skies in Waigani in Port Moresby.

Fiji Association of Sports and the National Olympic Committee president Joseph Rodan didn’t have to think twice as he pointed his thumbs upward.

“It has been an awesome experience for Team Fiji. The venues were of international standard, the athletes were accommodated very well at the Games Village, the food was nice, the people even nicer and friendly,” Rodan said.

“We have to admire the hard work and dedication put in by everybody in PNG to host a successful games. And because of that success Tonga is getting PNG help in getting them games ready for 2019.”

Team Fiji chef de mission said it was awesome trip and a very learning experience.

“The athletes and officials have enjoyed their stay Port Moresby. In the end we all got to be part of the Pacific Games spirit,” she said.

“The hospitality of PNG was wonderful and they made sure that we felt like being at home.”

There were some teething problems just as internet issues and information from games not being able to reach press/media centres and there was no collaboration between different media centres.

In the second week of the Pacific Games, the organisers asked teams to tally up their totals and provide it to the organisers so gold medal could be verified. PGC chief executive Andrew Minogue said on July 15, three days before finishing that there were issues but work was being done to rectify the matter.

“Results have just gotten a lot better over the last 24 hours. The organising committee has worked overtime to finally get it right and they have consulted the teams to make sure their numbers are correct. The teams often keep very accurate records too,” Minogue said via email.

Teams at the Games Village confirmed that as of Friday night (July 17), the information flow was at its best.

Team Fiji returns this evening.

* Pacific Games coverage courtesy of BSP

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