Through sports

SPORTS fans have more than enough for them to go on for the next several weeks at least. This weekend we have the Honk Kong 7s and then next week, sevens fans, are treated to more action courtesy of the Commonwealth Games fight for the 7s gold medal.

In between, there are lots of things happening both on the local and international scenes, the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Australia and the build-up to the pinnacle of local schools’ track and field athletics competition, the Fiji Finals.

We all know that when our national 7s team does well, we are all very happy to be, however remotely, associated with the team. Even if just by the fact that we are Fijians. A winning team has that effect, it makes us feel so good to be who we are — Fijians.

Then the euphoria of the win dies down and everyday struggles push whatever remains of the memories to the back of our minds until they’re dredged up for whatever the purpose may be.

This is not only true for national teams but also holds true for school and even community teams. When they do well, those associated with them bask in the glory the team has earned.

We’re also told from time to time that sports can be a unifying agent, bringing together the people of our small island country. We heard this when we won gold in the sevens tournament at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

If you care to take a closer look at sports, especially that which is played at the upper or elite levels, what is plain to see is that there are some close to them, working with the team or individuals to constantly improve performance.

Through these people and the teams they help, it can be said that sports definitely has the power to help transform our lives and not only the feel-good-moments, which can quickly evaporate, after a team wins.

A team that works hard will attain some measure of success. However, to just work hard is not enough. It has got to be coupled with doing things the correct way, not only once or twice, but every time and all the time.

This is definitely an area where we can all learn from successful sports teams and apply the lessons to our everyday lives so that every day when we go out to “play”, whether it be in the plantation or on farms, office, factory or in the classroom, we’re there to work correctly and hard to get the required results.

Once that has been done, we look forward to the next day to be able to do it all over again and at the same time improving in areas which afford us and our teams that opportunity.

When we do this, it is so much more meaningful than just feeling good and talking about the exploits of successful sporting teams.

The euphoria will sooner or later give way to the realities of the everyday grind. The lessons, however, are another matter allowing us to better our lives and Fiji through sports.

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