Three on shortlist for PNG Police Commissioner

PORT MORESBY, 16 OCTOBER 2019 (POST COURIER) – Three names have been endorsed by the Parliamentary Permanent Appointment Committee for the Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner.

Also on the agenda for the Committee was the Clerk of Parliament list.

This was confirmed by PPAC Chairman and Hela Governor Philip Undialu. The committee met after the adjournment of Parliament on Tuesday.

Undialu said that,” we just endorsed the three names that were short listed and provided by the Public Service Commission.”

“The appointing authority is cabinet the shortlist was compiled by the Public Service Commission and we are part of the process and we have endorsed the list and sent it to NEC.”

“I am not part of NEC so whenever they meet will make their appointment,” Undialu said.

“For the clerk position, the law requires for separate process to run parallel and it doesn’t have to run with the speakers, my office has another process where we decided to receive 8 applicants, speaker has gone ahead and appointed three”

And the committee decided to appoint another independent HR team basically to look at the short list of preferred candidates,” Undialu said.

“To highlight what we want, the shortlist we will deliberate on the short list we will than deliberate on the short list and along with the Speaker’s short list and our short list which is three each we will send to Cabinet to decide on the final three, with one appointed and sent to the Governor General for the final gazette.”

Undialu said that the importance of the committee and the appointments should be thoroughly screened.

“We see the importance of the committee, whereby we don’t want to rush the appointments, and it is a important function of parliament and we want to do it thoroughly and we want a qualified person to be appointed in this position.”

And we will look at list within the next three weeks he added.

“Why do we have two different lists, this is so two short lists go to cabinet, we want to make it an independent selection so hence the separate company to do shortlist, we will sit down again and send a short list,” Undialu reiterated.

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