Three arrests at Wellington protest

Update: 10:49AM WELLINGTON: THREE people were arrested this morning by Police outside the petroleum and gas industry conference at the TSB Arena in Wellington.

Two men aged 22 and 19 were arrested and charged with assaulting Police.

Inspector Brett Amas said a 20-year-old woman was arrested for obstructing a public place.

He said the young woman had been given a pre-charge warning.

In response to media queries about whether a man had been injured, Insp Amas said Police had responded to a call for assistance.

“A man was located by Police. However, he declined any Police assistance,” he said.

“The role of Police at these type of events is to ensure safety and uphold the law while recognising the lawful right to protest.

“We want everyone to stay safe in and around the venue, particularly with today’s changeable Wellington weather.”

Delegates from across New Zealand and the world are attending the annual New Zealand Petroleum Conference.

The New Zealand Herald reported this moring that protesters had arrived before first light to blockade the conference.

It reported that protesters were zip-tying themselves to a metal bar to prevent access to the conference.

The media agency reported that hundreds of people were also standing outside access points to TSB Bank Arena to stop delegates getting in.

“Protesters spread across several entrances to the arena. A group near the waterfront built a makeshift wall with wooden pallets,” it reported in the last hour.

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