Thrashing draws faith for Eels

Of all the things for an NRL team to draw confidence from, you wouldn’t think getting flogged would be top of the list.

But for an embarrassed Eels squad, last year’s 48-10 hammering at the hands of the Roosters is the reason they know last week’s Lottoland humiliation doesn’t have to define their season.

That round 10 thrashing was one of the catalysts for the blue and golds’ eventual surge to a fourth-place finish. While they were narrow losers to Canberra the following week, they went on to lose just two further games for the rest of the regular season.

Asked this week how they can recover from last week’s disaster, several players nominated that Roosters game as proof the team can bounce back.

“We had a big loss against Roosters last year by 50 and we still managed to make a real swing of last year,” co-captain Tim Mannah said.

“I’ve been around long enough to know that what happens in round two is not always going to affect how the year ends, but we have to fix it up pretty quickly.”

Utility Will Smith was also quick to volunteer the same example.

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