Thousands for music festival

ABOUT 2000 people are expected at the Uprising Beach Resort next Saturday for the resort’s popular music festival.

With 1400 of the 1800 tickets already sold, resort general manager Richard Pridgeon said this was an increase of 10 to 15 per cent compared with last year.

Those attending this year’s festival of music can expect a lot of new things.

“For the first time this year, we will be introducing a street food market, we will have over 10 different vendors from outside the property coming in to showcase their food,” Mr Pridgeon said.

Explaining another first, Mr Pridgeon said: “We are introducing for the first time a cashless environment so we will not be accepting any cash over the bar, you can purchase meals and lunch through cash but with the bar service, we will be selling drink vouchers.

“We hope this will speed up service at the bar to avoid people going to get change, allow the staff to get the drinks to the customer in a much more timely and efficient way.”

The organisers have also partnered with Projects abroad to have a kid’s corner to teach the importance of mangroves and sustainability.

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