Those undecided voters

HOWEVER you want to look at the first of the Tebbutt-Times Poll results, one thing is certain, thoughts are flying, strategies are being discussed now and there is political manoeuvring taking place.

It is pretty difficult to shrug aside the importance of the undecided voters, sitting at 22 per cent, in the greater scheme of things.

Then there is the voter who has declined to answer sitting at 10 per cent.

When combined, at 32 per cent, that is quite high for voters who have not stated where they are leaning.

That is going to definitely attract attention.

It’s the base for all the political parties gearing up for the 2018 General Election.

This is where attention will focus on strategies, and most importantly, the critical messages that must be effective over the next two weeks at least.

The battlelines are drawn.

A party is already suggesting this election will come down to becoming a “three-horse race”.

Another party is suggesting the signs were already out there, placing the undecided voter block on a high plane.

It insists though that the mood is way off that reserved for a national election. There will surely be many reasons for the huge undecided voter block.

When we compare this with the lead-up to the 2014 election, undecided voters had dropped right down to 11 per cent.

The challenge for the parties now is to understand the masses, get a feel of the pulse of the nation, and make the right calls.

They will have to ask themselves what they can offer the undecided voter, and push this across clearly.

It actually sets up a very interesting scenario.

We should expect an intense campaign period leading up to the elections.

There will naturally be differences in the way we do things, right up to the values we espouse.

What will bring joy to one may not necessarily be so for another.

What may be considered the right thing to do by one may not be so for some.

But that is why the elections process is a special event.

It allows you the voter to express yourself albeit in a process that is designed to ensure you alone know the number you selected on the ballot paper.

We make no bones about our commitment to aiding in the process that will culminate in you the voter fulfilling your duty for the nation.

Aside from other key factors, part of the challenge for the voter is to understand the messages coming out of the party camps, ask questions, consider manifestos and be comfortable with explanations.

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