Third tsunami drill in Suva today

FIJI’S National Disaster Management Office will be conducting its third tsunami drill in the vicinity of Suva today.

In collaboration with nine agencies this time, the exercise aimed at creating public awareness on tsunami response plans by the agencies in Suva.

The following agencies will be participating in the tsunami drill exercise:


  1. Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FIBOS)


  1. ITaukei Lands Trust Board (ITLTB)


  1. Ministry of Economy (MOE)


  1. Fiji Development Bank (FDB)


  1. Fiji Broadcasting Cooperation (FBC)


  1. Fiji Women Crisis Centre (FWCC)


  1. Ministry of Employment and Productivity (MEP)


  1. Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF)


  1. United National Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)


  • UN FPA
  • UN ODC
  • WFP
  • ILO
  • IOM

According to a government statement, this tsunami evacuation exercise will see the activation of all the Early Warning Sirens from Kinoya to Lami Town with the evacuation exercise only involving the agencies above.

The following roads in the vicinity of Suva will be closed on Wednesday 31/10/2018 from 11:20am to 12.00pm for the drill.

  1. Victoria Parade and Junction to Gordon Street
  2. Junction of Pratt Street and Renwick Road
  3. Loftus and Victoria Parade Junction
  4. Gladstone and Victoria Parade Junction
  5. Victoria Parade and Junction to Constitution Avenue
  6. Gladstone Road and Junction to Constitution Avenue
  7. Gladstone Road to Government Building New Wing
  8. Thurston, McGregor and Gordon Street Intersection
  9. Holland Street Roundabout (Junction to Knolly Street)
  10. Knolly Street and Junction to Pender Street
  11. Disraeli Road and Junction to Pender Street

Members of the public and business community within the vicinity have been advised not to be alarmed as this is only a tsunami drill exercise and they are encouraged to voluntary participate in the exercise should they wish to do so.




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