‘There are other things that we worry about’

Shiu Kumar, 58, stands inside the Tacirua containment area which has been cordoned off by authorities for more than three weeks now. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Families locked down in Tacirua settlement, Suva for more than three weeks say they wake up every day worrying about how the day will end.

Shiu Kumar, 58, said they received food rations from the Government but food was not their only worry.

“A family cannot just rely on 4kg rice, flour, dhal, tin fish, tea leaves etc which have been supplied,” said Mr Kumar.

“There are other things that we worry about.

“How will we cook if there is no kerosene or gas?

“These are things which are not supplied to those who are closed off.

“For families of five, food supplies last for few days only.

“So we miss meals to stretch supplies but how long can we do that.”

Similar sentiments were raised by Shanil Raj Nathan, 28.

“We were supplied with food ration yesterday (Wednesday, June 9) but we don’t know how to proceed with the ration because we don’t know how long we will live in lockdown.”

Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong said there were too many cases in isolation and they are prioritising cases.

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