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PREVIOUSLY known as Goodcare Services, now operating under Goodcare Investments Ltd is the company that has increased its product line and services with four outlets in the country today, employing 24 well deserved staff members.

Goodcare Investments is a one-stop swimming pool shop offering swimming pool service, maintenance, installation and chemicals.

The company offers one of the world’s renowned products, Waterco pool.

Goodcare are importers and distributors of general pool products and has two and a half years’ experience in the pool industry in New Zealand.

It also offers a wide range of products for customers to choose from and three speed Waterco energy saving pumps, eco filters, water saving filters, Zeoplus five to 10 micron clarity, pearl glass media three to five micron clarity and many more.

Other products and items include engine driven Honda petrol Aussie pumps, Wallace pumps, pressure pumps, bore-hole pumps, multi-stage pumps, variable speed pumps that saves power by 50 per cent and many more for you to choose from.

When purchasing or ordering pumps, customers should keep in mind:

* Usage, liquid

* Pipe diameter and length

* Height and distance of last tap

* How many taps will be in use at one time

For this and many more, contact Goodcare Investments Ltd to choose the right product.

Customers can call on the following contacts: Suva Shop — 142 Ratu Mara Rd Samabula and call on telephone 3383372/3383355, Nadi Shop — 1 Northern Press Rd Martintar, Nadi and call on 6703849/9908823, Pacific Harbour Shop 29C Arts Village call on 3450081/9908729, Sigatoka Shop -Queens Rd Lawaqa Park and call on 6500229/8303741 or simply email on or

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