The team

Looking at the 13 players named for CG Gold Coast this weekend, I remarked to Mr Colleague that I believed there couldn’t be a better team. The likes of Tuisova, Nakarawa, Radradra were never in contention because of club commitments.

Anyway, I asked Mr Colleague if he agreed with me that this team was the absolute best available under the current circumstances, and I asked him also to name just one other player who would/could/should have made it to Gold Coast. “Nasoni Roko”, he said without a second’s delay. That was when we burst out laughing. Yes, we have heard it so many times that now it’s a joke.

Mr Colleague then said “the falla will be 70 and people will still call for him to be in the Fiji team”.

Well, that’s an exaggeration; however, it shows that people are just so hellbent on wanting to have their favourite man in, veitalia his form and age. Good the “Ryder” thing has gone silent, otherwise there were some prominent rugby men calling for Ryder to be roped in by Ben Ryan before.

I must acknowledge that Roko is still fit and flying, and he will still be at it at 70.

Before we count our chicks, let’s remember they haven’t hatched yet. The way the young Boks were rolling at HK, I am scared of what their gurus could do at Gold Coast.

Oh, and that Baker guy who did a “Serevi” last weekend: I immediately told my wife that Baker should not have even attempted that, and because of his action, the USA team will lose. Only Serevi owns that ball carrying move. Folks will remember even one time Serevi balanced the ball on one finger enroute to the tryline. Try that also, Baker, and the USA team will face more delirium.

Don’t copy our heroes. Even our current sevens stars never try to copy certain moves of our stars of yesteryear; they invent their own new moves. Some things and some moves are just sacred. I felt very angry when Baker tried a “Serevi”.

Whatever happens this weekend, we have got Hong Kong already. This weekend will be preparation for Singapore.

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