The Sniper

I read with great interest an article titled “Ravudi wants to teach ‘The Sniper”‘ in yesterday’s paper and I could not help but smile at the eagerness with which Fiji’s No 1 ranked welterweight boxer wants a shot at Sebastian Singh, who is ranked No 1 in the lightweight category.

Fans had a taste of Sebastian Singh and they witnessed what happened to Farzan Ali in the main bout.

My humble plea to all boxers is to respect their opponents, remain humble, prepare well for their fight and do all the talking inside the ring. Making too much noise before a fight can turn out disastrous.

I just hope that the comments made by Ravudi that he would beat Sebastian and teach him a lesson does not come back and haunt him if the two boxers face each other in future.

Sebastian Singh, on the other hand, is young and has a long way to go.

He needs proper guidance on his diet and training program.

We need more boxers like Sebastian Singh who prepare well for their fights and do not disappoint boxing fans who turn up in numbers to witness boxing.

It’s high time, therefore, that all stakeholders joined hands to revive boxing in Fiji and ignite the days of Dakua, Cama and Joy Ali.

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