The role of forests

MINISTER for Forests Osea Naiqamu has urged the people of Vesi on Mali Island to plant a lot of trees.

Mr Naiqamu said forests played an important role in the world and protecting the forests would mean preserving it for the future generation.

This was his message to the village elders and women during his northern tour and visit to Vesi Village on Thursday.

“If we don’t plant a lot of trees, there will be loss of vegetation and our children would not have anything left to use in the future,” he said.

Mr Naiqamu said the replanting of trees would ensure the safety of the villagers’ future generation.

“The idea of reforestation or replanting of trees is to optimise a number of benefits which include timber production, soil and water management and the conservation of biodiversity,” he said.

“All this will have positive social, economic and ecological implications on the communities involved and the nation.”

Mr Naiqamu said trees were important because they would decrease poisonous gas.

“Do not burn down trees, protect your forests because if you burn down trees and destroy them, it would have more effects on our vegetation and our marine organisms will be affected as well. Let us work together, live in unity because it would pave a positive way forward for all.”

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