The price tag on cost of living

If living is not a choice then why there is a cost associated with it?

One would expect tangible and measureable policy plan outlining current issues to address the cost of living from a political column.

Let us look at the very issue with a slightly different approach.

The blessing and the curse of civilisation is the introduction of unit of measure and the price tag attached to it.

From the day one is born, every movement and even the sleep have a cost associated with it.

They vary from housing, furniture, transport, food, health, entertainment, utilities and the plans for the future.

The humans have evolved from consumption of available resources to a market economy with a price tag. The price is determined by various factors.

The key aspects that are most important are the resource and the price and the balance of the two.

The balance could only come from the utilisation of resources around us that will then determine the price we pay.

The resources include the natural resources, human resources and resources that we may need to bring in from outside.

The human resource plays a significant role in the balancing act. When the human resource is not idle, then the other resources will fit in to the wheel.

The human resource can only become active when the opportunities are created. The opportunities will come in the form of jobs, trade, commerce, labour, services and supply. The duty of the government is to implement the policies that will enable the opportunities. In a restrictive, controlled and a closed up economy that will only cater for certain classes to flourish would not enable opportunities for all.

The working class should not be milked over and over again by way of taxes to provide services to the others.

The small businesses that are pursuing opportunities should not be burdened with taxes, complicated processes that are designed for bigger corporates.

The common folk should be encouraged to utilise his or her human resource coupled with a resource around him or a plan or a project. The need for a shelter should not take away a major portion of the income. The government must be detached from controlling the lives of the people and simply implement policies that will empower them. The question then is how the government can detach from people and at the same time control the price tag on cost of living? It is by way of creating opportunities. The landowner with a resource should be enabled to utilise the resource effectively.

The person with the ambition to start up a business with an ambition to reach the peak must have an avenue to pursue the dreams.

The graduate who comes out of the university must have a process in which s/he can be plugged in to the workforce.

All comes down to an enabling environment that is carefully designed to facilitate all classes of people.

The leadership that cares for people will always thrive to create the environment that will cater for their respective needs.

People must choose the leadership that cares.

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