The other side of Roy

LABASA’S soccer wonder boy, Roy Krishna is keeping under wraps matters that are close to his heart.

Krishna said in an interview over the weekend that he was choosing to be quiet about a relationship, suggesting that it was personal and close to his heart.

He said he was dating a Fijian girl.

“It’s personal and I am in a relationship but I want to keep it low on the particulars of this relationship,” he said.

“Yes I am dating a local Fijian girl and all is good.”

“That is all that I can say and I do not want to reveal more.”

Krishna was speaking during the Fiji FACT draws held in Labasa where he was chief guest.

Earlier before the draws, radio personality Raymond Stoddart had jovially told fans and admirers at the event that Krishna was taken for now and was out of limits.

Meanwhile, when asked about his engagement with the Wellington Phoenix side in New Zealand, Krishna said he had another two years left with the club.

“I hope to complete the two years injury-free and get my goals under my belt before I complete my engagement with the side,” he said.

“However, I am always available for the Fiji team whenever I am needed to represent my country.

“I have Fiji close to my heart as I started my career here and it will always be special to me.”

Krishna had also extended his sincere well wishes to his counterparts who would be representing his hometown — Labasa during the Fiji FACT adding that he was happy the Fiji Football Association had agreed to feature part of the tournament in Labasa.

“The pool draws looks like it is going to be a struggle for the teams this year and it will be interesting to watch the tournament,” he said.

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