The old is dead

A BLESSED Easter to you all.

It does not matter if you believe in the religious aspect of Easter or not. The message is universal enough to be relevant to us all.

A good number of Christians around the world will today celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

As part of their celebration, they remembered Jesus having his last supper with his disciples — that was done on Holy or Maundy Thursday. On Friday, they remembered God’s sacrificing his son for the sins of man — Good Friday.

What then is the universal message of Easter? It is of God’s immense love which despite man’s sinful nature, continues to reach out to whoever wants to share in it.

In the period leading up to Easter — the Lenten season or Lent — was a time for preparation.

At the service on Ash Wednesday, ashes in the form of a cross, were put on the faithful. The ashes, among other things, served as reminder of man’s sinfulness. And after acknowledging his sinfulness, man should then constantly yearn for the perfectness of God’s love.

In addition to fasting which was part of their preparations, the faithful gave up things which held them back in their relationship with God. Things which stopped this relationship from being more fruitful.

Or they could take up activities which brought them closer to God.

For those who had given up something, the understanding was that they would continue with the practice after Easter. When Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, their old self which practised what it was they had been abstaining from, was also “dead”. As a consequence, when Jesus rose from the dead, a new being, without the impediment of old, was to have risen with Christ.

Christian or otherwise, this is a message for all of us.

We should always try to make ourselves better — as an individual, a spouse, partner, parent, child, sibling, aunt and uncle — we all have our part to play in our families.

As an individual, part of a team, of a division or department within an organisation, a subordinate, supervisor or superior, we can always improve on our performance.

Each day presents us with this opportunity, to do away with the old in the light of a new day.

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