The new way forward

UNITY Fiji Party believes the future of Fiji’s politics is in multiracialism.

Speaking at a talanoa session in Nabua, Suva last week, party leader Savenaca Narube said a new style of leadership was needed if the people of Fiji were to resolve some of its long standing issues and challenges.

Mr Narube said there was no place for leadership that thrived on vindictiveness, especially where people with differing or alternative views seen as the being against those in power.

Mr Narube claimed over the past 12 years the lives of ordinary Fijians remained the same.

“Jobs are difficult to come by, prices continue to escalate and resource owners remain cash poor,” he said.

“The benefits of so-called economic growth are not trickling down to ordinary Fijians.”

Mr Narube said the primary function of any Government was in national building and passing on that legacy to future generations.

“This is one of the important changes that we are asking the people to embrace.”

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