The need to regroup

FIJI needs to return, plan and regroup well to improve in the next Commonwealth Games.

It will be in England. It will be called the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games with the theme “Heart of the UK, Soul of the Commonwealth”.

Pacific Games Council chairman Vidya Lakhan, speaking as a Fiji sports administrator, said Team Fiji needed to review its performance and plot a successful way forward to 2022.

“For us, we had a few disappointing results, but hopefully our rugby sevens will make it all good,” Lakhan said after watching Wales beat Fiji in netball at the Gold Coast Convention Centre thius week.

“Fiji is good, but I think some of the sports standards have to improve.

“And while we are looking at high level of competition to improve the standard of our elite athletes, we should also look at grassroots development.

“We need to focus on some sports. In our netball game against Uganda, the Ugandan goalshooter was so tall that she intercepted almost all the balls. If that is what is needed, then go and find one.

Fiji did it a few years back with Taraima Rara and we need someone like that to help us in that area.

“What we have to do is focus on our weaknesses and build on them to be better prepared for the next games.”

Lakhan, then speaking as the SPG chair said some Oceania countries had improved tremendously.

“I have been observing and my focus is more on the Pacific Islands athletes and I am very pleased that about eight of the Pacific Island nations have won medals.

“That is good and an indication of our standard that it is rising which shows that we can be competitive with other Commonwealth nations.”

He commended Australians, especially the volunteers and games officials for helping in the success of the games.

“I am happy with the organisation of the games.

“The people of Gold Coast have gone out of their way to organise this games well.

“Some of the venues we go to such as squash and table tennis, the volunteers are very very helpful.

“They greet us and somehow know where we come from and greet you in your own language.

“It is quite comforting to know that we are welcome and appreciated to their country.

“That was very friendly.

“For us we continuously look at how we can improve on the Pacific Games and Pacific Mini Games and their organisations. We are observing and learning.”

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