The Lagilevu legacy

FORMER Fiji football team midfielder Clyde Lagilevu was proud to see his eldest daughter Adi Lusiana Lagilevu carry the family legacy forward after being selected in the Vodafone Fiji under-16 team.

The 16-year-old proved that girls could also make the dreams of their fathers come true in the football arena.

It was so special as tears rolled down their cheeks after the function as they hugged each other when Lusiana’s name was announced to be the captain of the team.

“I am overwhelmed and I am in tears seeing my daughter being selected as the Fiji captain and it is a great achievement for her and her football career,” he said.

“I appreciate the learning process she was going through that has brought her to where she is today.”

Clyde started his football career with Ba and also featured for teams such as Lautoka, Tavua, and Suva in late 1980s and 90s.

He said through all the experiences he gained helped him to groom Lusiana into a better footballer.

“I started representing Fiji when I was 16-years-old and was playing in primary and secondary schools competition. I also played for Fiji in the under-19 competition in Australia,” Clyde said.

“For me, I have gone through the system and achieved a lot in my career. I helped my daughter in her career and now she will be representing Fiji at the international level.”

Lusiana said she would make her father and the nation proud.

“I feel nervous to captain the side but at the same time I am honoured and humbled to lead the group,” she said.

“I had no idea at all that I would be chosen as the captain.

“I was not able to be part of Fiji’s under-17 team since I was injured, but I was one of the non-travelling reserves.”

“We are a good side,” she said.

She attended Xavier College in Ba and moved to Dudley High School because the Fiji team was camping at the Fiji FA Academy in Vatuwaqa.

“It had been very challenging for me after changing school and teachers did not know much about the students. It was also hard to find new friends, but I managed to go through all the challenges,” she said.

“I think she had adapted well in terms of changing schools from Ba to Suva through her school work. She is juggling her school life and football dream very well to get where she is today. Her football career is becoming better day by day,” her father said

Lusiana said all her hard work had paid off by being part of the Fiji team since it was going to be her first international assignment.

“My dad had been an amazing supporter in my football career and I am very blessed to have such a family and follow in my father’s footsteps.”

Lagilevu reminded her daughter to be a good learner at all times.

“We want Lusi to maintain what we taught her and our message to her is to always honour and respect other players and have a teachable spirit to be a good learner all the time,” he said.

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