The healing powers of charcoal medicine

Patients covered their eyes with charcoal at the SDA Food Festival in Suva yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

GOOD news for people with excessive weight as a Seventh-day Adventist Church member has a new recipe for weight loss through the use of charcoal therapy.

The program called “trimming” involves charcoal powder mixed with olive oil to deliver its so called effectiveness.

It is in two forms — the poultice for the skin surface application and slurry for oral intake.

Interestingly, this healing started in 1989 by Lavenia Vakaluma who said the holistic natural therapy only took about seven days for someone to heal from any form of ailment.

“In a seven-day healing program, the program begins as early as two in the morning so patients can take a walk to get fresh oxygen,” Ms Vakaluma said.

“When God opens up all buds of flowers, it releases sweet fragrances that we all need.

“What we eat such as meat, dairy products or eggs form uronic acid that form diseases in us.

“The treatment we provide through this medicinal charcoal will burn the uranic acids and provide healing to the sick.

“Food is something we will look into during the program, therefore, we look at your food intake like meat and dairy foods. This program only uses olive oil.

“When they apply the paste on their bodies, sweat will be coming out of after nine hours provided that the charcoal is still there and it goes into your body through sweat glands.

“There are two types of charcoal intake, one involves three tablespoon of charcoal in one litre hot water, which is the normal intake, while the other is intensive — two tablespoons of charcoal in a glass of hot water if you want to be healed faster.”

Ms Vakaluma’s work came to fame during this year’s Food Festival organised by the Seventh-day Adventist Church at Ratu Sukuna Park in Suva.

Since Monday, she has seen more than 300 people and was still expecting more numbers yesterday as the festival came to a close.

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous said she was only healed for days.

“I began with charcoal intake just last week and I lost 6kg from the 95kg I was carrying. I could not move my arms for a while now but since I applied the charcoal paste, I can now move it as usual.”

Amazingly, Ms Vakaluma’s service is offered free and has treated more than 2700 people since she began.

Meanwhile, you can contact her logistics on 9913506 for bookings.

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