The Fiji Times online platform is now free

All news updates on The Fiji Times online platform are now freely accessible.

Fiji Times Pte Ltd general manager Christine Lyons said Fiji was in a critical moment and Fiji’s people urgently needed access to all their trusted sources of information.

“We are mindful that our nation’s people will face economically challenging times ahead,” she said.

“This is one way to ensure that people can have immediate access to reliable, up to date information at no cost.”

Ms Lyons said The Fiji Times had already been considering the impact of its 15-month-old paywall on its business model.

However, Fiji’s current situation had focused the company on the role it played in disseminating relevant and credible information to the Fiji public.

Certain parts of the online platform will still come under a paywall, such as the e-edition of The Fiji Times, Ms Lyons said.

“This is all about how we maintain a sustainable business while showing loyalty to the tens of thousands of people who support us every day.”

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