The Du Preez boys have a new approach to training, and social distance


Social media is currently awash with players adopting unique and sometimes bizarre methods to continue training while staying at home.

With rugby across the world suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, and players confined to their homes during lockdowns, it helps to have fellow professional rugby players in your family to keep your skills in check.

Fortunately for Sale Sharks’ Du Preez boys, there are three of them during this period to keep one another as sharp as possible, and their club recently shared footage of their home training.

Two of them can be seen slinging passes to each other over their sun-soaked house, whilst another sits and watches, and someone else lounges in a pool.

Now this is either a part of Manchester that very few people have discovered before in March, or the players have returned to the sunnier climes of their native South Africa. There is a lockdown in both countries currently, but it looks like there are worse places to be housebound in.

With air travel between countries limited, it is unlikely that the Sale trio will be returning to England anytime soon, not that there is going to be any rugby for a while either.

Source: Rugby Dump

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