The Diary Times


* RETIRED nurses meet 10am at FNA Hall, 26 MacGregor Rd, Suva. All members are welcome to attend.

* TOVU Village women’s club annual break-up and showcase 10am at the Fiji Museum.

* FORMER police officers meet 2pm at band bure, Nasova.


* ITU’TIU Day from 4-7.30pm at Epworth House, Suva.

* NAKAYA youth break-up and pot luck 4pm at Apenisa Tale’s house, Qaranivalu Rd.


* TIKINA Kabara village reps and matapule meet 10am at Buatoka’s house, Moala St, Samabula.

* DRAVUWALU Village break-up at the special school, Salato Rd, Namadi Heights. Each tokatoka please bring a pot and a lovo each.

* NAKASALEKA church service at Natokawaqa Methodist church. Women please bring a plate. Lautoka to host.

* ITU’MUTA meet/taumaka (Rotuman tour) from 6pm at Churchward hall.


* URUONE Village meet (to confirm Christmas trip) at 3pm at Filimone Soqo’s house, Wainivula on December 8.

* JOSAIA Visa family, Raviravi, Matuku, break-up and soli from 10am-5pm at PRB hall, Reba Circle, Nadera on December 16. Contact 9379094.

* YAVUSA Toga church service 3pm at Dudley Church on December 26. Vakauliafa family to host.

* MOKANI Day thanksgiving church service and soli 10am at Mokani Village on January 3, 2018.

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