The Diary Times


* BMS Old Girls meet 5.30pm at Jollys Good. Contact 9331027.

* CMFI Veisari Church service begins 7pm at Veisari Muaivuso Rd.

* Ex-Cawaci kava night fundraising organised by Nadera branch from 7pm-11pm at the Nadera Church basement. All welcome. Contact Semi Bilitaki 8452929 and Robert Wojcik 8335317.


* DEVOBALAVU yavusa meet 3pm at Reverend Kadavaki’s residence, Tacirua East. Contact: 9720567.

* MALHA’A Suva Group monthly meeting from 10am-12noon at Epworth Hall, Centenary Methodist Church. You are all welcome to attend.

* SUVA Noatau meet from 11.30am-3.30pm at Churchward Chapel Hall, Rewa St.

* YAROI Matuku Village meet 5pm at Unity House, Robertson Rd, Suva. Contact 9799714 for more information.

* LOVONI, Ono-i-Lau meet 3pm at Biu Mika’s house.

* MUALEVU Village soli 3pm at 79 Lakeba St, Samabula.

* RAVITAKI Village church service from 3pm at Raiwaqa Methodist Church. Mataqali Matei lead and host. Ladies please bring a plate.

* NAROCIVO Nayau Village church service/meet 3pm at Bogiono’s house, Nasinu Rd, Valelevu.

* HAPMAK meet 2pm-4pm at Epworth Hall, Suva.

* ITU’TIU taumaka 4pm-6pm at Epworth Hall, Suva.

* SUVA Noatau Association taumaka 11.30am at the Churchward Chapel Hall, Rewa St, Suva.


* NAYAU tikina church service 3pm at the Naveiwakau Methodist Church. Ladies bring a plate.

* LOVONI, Ono-i-Lau church service 3pm at Mika Biu’s house. Naceva will host.

* YAVUSA Yacata church service 4pm at Valelevu Police bure.


* SDA church members tikina Totoya meet from 10am-1pm at Mosese Temo and Milika Mataika’s house, Wainadoi on April 22. For more information please call 9357094/7329460.

* YAVUSA Yaroi, Matuku church service 3pm at Lot 14 Tacirua Heights on April 22. Ladies please bring a plate. Contact 3321134.

* VABEA District School ex-scholars soli 10am at Vabea Village, Ono, Kadavu on April 27. Call school manager on 7665000 for further queries.

* LEVUKA Public School (Suva) fundraising barrel night at The Royal Legion Club on April 21. Contact Albert Miller on 9911504 or Julie Bechu on 9982958.

* NATOKALAU, Matuku church service and meet 2pm at Ilaitia Seru’s house, Tomanu Rd, Nadera on April 28.

* TOKATOKA Vatuwaqa, Tubou, Lakeba, Lau church service 4pm at Sainai Methodist Church, Namadi Heights on April 29. Host Batiniwai and ladies bring a plate each.

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