The budget

SITTING around the yaqona basin the other night, one observed quietly quite clearly the distinctive views about the budget.

It was obvious which set of people had more common sense.

Somehow friends who had degrees and white-collar jobs spoke more about national economic benefits, challenges and high-level policy matters.

To my surprise those without qualifications and with simple jobs, discussed a more interesting aspect.

Their discussions focused on planting more vegetables, root crops, cutting down on consumption of cigarettes, grog and alcohol.

Furthermore, they mentioned how they were spending more time with their immediate family members after work whereas those with high collar jobs were returning home looking more stressed and ageing quicker.

Like one of them said, it’s a matter of choices and even though we earn less in our fortnightly budget we are happy.

All in all it looks like the best budget is based on choices we make and amount of time we spend with loved ones.

Definitely, got the educated ones thinking outside the box.

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