That sleek green machine

When it comes to a sleek and smooth ride, Amal Singh is no stranger — he is passionate and his car says it all.

He drives a green Toyota — nicknamed mr2. It has a mid-engine layout for much better traction and balance then most other cars.

Singh says his feature makes his ride stand out among the rest. Upgrades include:

* Gt35 turbo

* Links ECU

* Forged Pistons, rods and bearings

* Aftermarket racing cams

* BC racing adjustables

* Side bar

“All of the above upgrades have increased overall power and stability of the car, improving timing significantly to 12.09 seconds,” he said

“Unfortunately there is no parts available locally in terms of performance, all has been imported from New Zealand and Australia.

Singh is originally from Rakiraki and resides in Nadera. He did not divulge on the cost to upgrade his eye-catching ride but is proud of his progressive achievement.

With time, money and patience spent, he made his own unique ride, a car with its own originality. Singh said the car, which he also used for racing, took him three years to put together.

I started racing from 2006 and I haven’t stopped since. Maximum speed done on tracks is 208 km/h. My aim is to do early 11 sec in the 1/4 mile drag race, if not in the next race then before the year ends hopefully,” he said.

“Yes I have won lots of drag wars and a few 1/4 miles drag race,” he says proudly.

Singh says it’s the thrill for speed that drives him. A passion that grew with him ever since he taught himself to drive .

“For daily driving I prefer automatic and of cause manual for racing,” he said.

His most memorable road trip was the 12 hour continuous drive from Sydney to Brisbane.

He said his first car was a Honda prelude but his dream car would be a Nissan skyline r35. Singh advises to always carry tools in your vehicle like him because it was better to travel safe.

“If I could change a road code rule it will be increasing national speed limit from 80 to 90 km/h considering the amount of vehicles on our roads I think the change in speed limit will give a better traffic flow.

“The number of vehicles on our roads has increased drastically over the past few years creating traffic problems, however I think police officers are doing a great job regulating peak hour traffic at various locations around the country which gives some relief to the drivers.

“Lastly but not the least I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aswad Ali who has worked very hard and made this green machine into a 12 second car. Thanks Aswad, really appreciate all your help and support. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.”

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