TFL commences deployment of ultra-fast fiber broadband

TFL technician terminating fibre cables at Bayview Heights. Picture: SUPPLIED

TELECOM Fiji has commenced deployment of its ultra-fast fiber broadband (UFF) service to customers in Bayview and Namadi Heights in Suva.

Confirming this yesterday, TFL acting chief executive officer Charles Goundar said the service was enabled by fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology.

Fiber-to-the-home technology is said to have the highest internet and most reliable speeds in Fiji – perfect for high definition experience in streaming, video chats and gaming.

This is whereby Telecom’s fiber optic cables will be extended right inside the individual homes, delivering internet speeds of up to 150Mbps initially, which can be upgraded in future to speeds of up to 1,000Mbps (1Gbps).

Mr Goundar said the fiber-to-the-home was part of TFL’s long-term investment and broadband strategy, aimed at bringing the same level of communication services as found in other developed countries.

“High-speed internet access is critical for economic growth, and improving the quality of life in our communities,” he said.

“We are focusing strongly on a ‘fiber-in, copper-out’ model, starting off from selective areas in Suva as phase 1 and gradually expanding out into other towns throughout Fiji.”

The ambitious project for the company, Mr Goundar said, was enabling not only very high speed broadband service to customers, but also providing greater operational efficiency through more reliable service, reduced truck-roll and allowing for TFL to introduce other content-based service bundles in near future.

“We are proud to be bringing this long-awaited technology to our customers in Fiji. FTTH will provide a totally new internet experience, especially in terms of streaming ultra-high definition movies via YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, on-line gaming and downloading.” Mr Goundar added.

Fiber-to-the-home is only available in selected areas in Suva and Nadi.

At this stage, Telecom is expecting to enable Home Pass for all 200 plus homes in Bayview Heights by end of August, and 1000-plus homes in Namadi Heights by end of September.

“Home Pass is whereby we extend fiber along all the streets in an area, deploying all necessary external network equipment and fiber accessories, and make provision for each home to be connected to fiber,” Mr Goundar said.

“When customers subscribe to fiber plans, fiber optic connection will be extended from the fiber chamber outside the premises to inside the home and the service will be activated.”

TFL’s fiber engineering team began planning and design works for the fiber network infrastructure early this year, and conducted preparatory ground works in both the areas to enable successful deployment of fiber-to-the-home.

Existing Telecom and Connect customers in these areas will be offered flexible upgrade options to move to fiber plans, and can expect a vast difference in service quality once services are migrated onto fiber.

New customers can apply for UFF broadband service through online applications on Telecom Fiji website:

“We also wish to encourage all customers and building contractors who are in the process of constructing new homes, apartment blocks or residential sub-divisions to please liaise with Telecom Fiji and our engineers will be able to assist with any provisions to ensure that your home and individual blocks in an apartment or residential area is fiber-ready,” Mr Goundar said.

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