Text messages

Recently I have been receiving multiple text messages on my mobile phone on the subject of “fare review” in which the content reads, “Calling for public submissions on Bus Fare Reviews. Send your views on submission@busfarereview.gov.fj or text to 336 FOC. Submission closes 30 Nov 17.”

Firstly, I must thank the Government and Vodafone Fiji for this public awareness platform which would allow Fijians the opportunity to submit their views and opinions on the bus fare review.

Secondly, I hope that all Digicel customers are getting the same text messages for the purpose of fairness, transparency and accountability.

In addition, can Vodafone Fiji also send out text messages that discloses members that make up the Fiji Bus Fare Review Committee.

Every citizen should be aware of this information because I believe it is our constitutional right to know and be well informed.

To come to think of it, people will be asking this fundamental question – How, or why do I make my submission to the Bus Fare Review Committee if I do not know who all sit on this very important body?

On the contrary, people may say that it’s not important who sits on the review panel but what is significant is that you make a submission if you want your voices heard.

I believe this primitive way of thinking is absurd.

It is equally important that you make a submission and at the same time be knowledgeable of the fact on which individuals comprise of the Bus Fare Review Committee.

At the end of the day it is the policies they make that have an impact (positive or negative) both on the customers and the bus operators.

While the final policies are basically derived from the public submissions that were received and analysed, the question still arises is how public submissions are translated into the policies that are made.

Thus, it is imperative that the public are also made aware of the individuals that make up the Bus Fare Review Committee.

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