Tennis clinic

Angelo Yersin of Tahiti in action at Lautoka Tennis Court. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE Oceania Tennis Federation (OTF) in conjunction with Nations Cup Pacific sponsor Punjas conducted a clinic at Topline in Lautoka on Monday. This is part of OTF’s outreach program. International Tennis Federation Pacific development officer Gary Purcell said it was a great way for them to give some local kids their first taste of tennis and introduced them to the game.

“We provided all the modified equipment, mini nets, balls and rackets, so everybody got to learn how to serve, rally and score from the very first day,” Purcell said.

“Our goal is to reach as many local towns and villages as we can. We are continually impressed by the raw talents we find in each different location.

“Our intention is to try to give as many kids as possible from the local communities, their first taste of tennis. We also run development sessions at the local schools and from there, if anyone begins to show more interest we link them into our club programs where the tactical and technical aspects of the game are developed further.

“As their skills and love for the game grow we have high performance programs in place with the ultimate goal for us as coaches and development officers of being able to offer scholarships for players to come, live and train in our ITF/OTF Regional Training Centre. This is our high performance program which we are grateful to have in Lautoka.”

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