Temporary stay for baby

AUSTRALIA – A deal has been reached in Australia to keep an asylum seeker baby in Queensland, at least temporarily.

The agreement followed more than a week of protests at a Brisbane hospital where she was being treated after being injured in immigration detention on Nauru.

The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, said after discharge, baby Asha would be moved to a community detention.

A refugee advocate and spokesperson for the family, Natasha Butcher, said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Dutton had bowed to public pressure. “This week has been stressful. The situation has been on a knife-edge. Regardless of what Mr Dutton would have you believe. This is a complete reversal of everything he was saying about this family, only a week ago.”

However, the minister indicated the asylum seeker baby would still end up being returned to Nauru.

More than a week of protests about one-year-old Asha’s fate have been held outside the hospital, and doctors had been refusing to release her until a safe home was found.

Mr Dutton said despite the move, Asha’s family would not receive special treatment.

“The advice I’ve received is that the doctors from the hospital have said that the baby’s treatment has now concluded, and they would be happy for the baby to go out into community detention, as I say, that’s what we’ve proposed all along,” he said.

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