Temo summons Fiji Times reporter

THE Fiji Times cadet reporter Zeke White was summoned to appear before High Court judge, Justice Salesi Temo at the High Court in Suva this afternoon for an inaccurate report on the recent sentencing of convicted murderer Timoci Lolohea.
In yesterday’s front page edition of The Fiji Times, White reported that Lolohea was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for the murder of his de-facto partner Elenoa Dicivo.
In fact, Justice Temo had handed Lolohea a mandatory life imprisonment term, of which Lolohea had to serve a minimum of 18 years before a pardon could be considered by the President.
In court this afternoon, Justice Temo asked the newspaper’s lawyer, Jon Apted, if White’s report was double checked, to which he confirmed it was first checked by the acting Chief of Staff, Nasik Swami.
Mr Apted informed the court that he had also checked the said story, but did not notice the error.
He also clarified in court that the error was not done deliberately by White and apologised on the reporter and the newspaper’s behalf.
Justice Temo said the media played an important role in correctly reporting about domestic murder sentences to deter anyone who was going through the same situation as Lolohea, from committing murder.
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