Telecommunication service provider unveils its new tagline

Vodafone Fiji staff members pose for a photo showing the new tagline for the company. Picture: SUPPLIED/VODAFONE FIJI

VODAFONE Fiji joined Vodafone global yesterday in announcing its new brand positioning “Together we can”.

According to the chief marketing officer Rajnesh Prasad the company is set to introduce a new Vodafone tagline to accompany its new brand imagery to reposition the brand on how it resonates with the lives of its customers globally.

“The brand refresher along with a 12-month program on television, print and digital advertising is to demonstrate Vodafone’s profound belief that the partnership between technology and humans, when working in unison, can build a better future for the world,” he said.

“The new tagline places the emphasis on ‘we’, and how collaboration between the human spirit and innovation can achieve great things. “The experience of these last 12 months during the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated more than ever, the critical role of connectivity and technology in keeping society, businesses and governments connected.”

Mr Prasad said Vodafone fundamentally believed technology could improve lives, and this new positioning built further momentum to their purpose to connect and enable their customers.

“Vodafone’s new brand position is inspired by consumer research carried out by the company which revealed the role of technology in transforming people’s lives.

“Findings identified how technology has evolved from something that simply excites people on a personal level, to playing a more meaningful part in the world at large, in particular, in making a difference on issues such as sustainability, societal development and empowerment.

“Over the coming months the new tagline will be further set in motion by the company’s deployment of gigabit networks enhancing connectivity to people and communities alike, embracing communications technology to reduce carbon emissions, and supporting education health and wellbeing to create a more inclusive and sustainable society,” he said.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, connectivity through mobile technology was a tool which kept people employed, working from home and socially engaged while being in physical lockdown.

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