Teen sentenced for aggravated burglary, theft

DOMESTIC burglary is always regarded as a serious offence.

This was said by Suva High Court Judge Justice Chamath Morais when sentencing 18-year-old Yamenatave Yavala earlier this morning for aggravated burglary and theft.

Yavala entered into a person’s property and stole assorted items to the total value of $2550┬ásometime in June, 2018, in Suva.

Justice Morais said people are entitled to feel safe and secure at their home.

He added that money cannot replace what has been lost and that it was frightening when the victim is in the house when the burglary takes place.

He said these types of offences had increased due to the leniency of the law and the society demanded a harsher punishment.

Yavala has been given an opportunity to amend his ways and become a law abiding citizen.

The teen has been sentenced to 31 months out of which he will serve one month in prison and the remaining 30 months has been suspended for five years.

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