Tebara meke leaves fashion

Rosie Isacc ready to take a bow after her segment of the Resort Cruise show at Fiji Fashion Week. Picture: SUPPLIED

WITH the aim of showing the world what indigenous women draw their traditional dance inspiration from, Rosie Isaac had a lot of challenges to overcome in order to bring her collection to Fiji Fashion Week 2018.
Showing at its Resort Cruise show last night, Ms Isaac said she was very excited about this seasons work, “Proton”.
“It was really hard because I went through so much to get this here. There was a lot of work but I am relieved,” she said.
Women from the Tebara area where the designer has links to use proton leaves in the garments used for their traditional meke, a fact she infused into her resort collection.
Blending prints which mimick the link with sequins, Ms Isaac said the colours and textures of the proton leaves were beautiful and unique, something she hoped to emulate last night.
FJFW continues tonight with the Resort Luxe show to be opened by multi-award winner Moira Solvalu John under the fashion house 8 Mountains.

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